Vastu for Mirrors on North West Walls

A mirror on a north west wall is not recommended, as it degrades the energy of this direction. The south represents the element of water, and placing a mirror there can cause legal troubles and domestic strife. It can also disrupt peace and stability. Hence, it is best to avoid placing a mirror on a south west wall. However, mirrors on north west walls are fine for washbasins and living rooms.

When placing a mirror on a north west wall, remember to place it in a direction that deflects the negative energy of the wall. It should face the direction where maximum positive energy flows into the home. By placing a mirror in the east direction, it will deflect the negative energy that is often associated with the east. Therefore, it is advisable to place a mirror on this wall facing the east direction lawyerdesk.

In addition, it is important to place a mirror in a room that receives sunlight. The sun’s rays are best for a home’s vastu, so placement of a mirror in this direction should be done with caution. If the mirror is placed in a bathroom, it will reflect the water and make it dirty, bringing negativity into the space. As for the rest of the home, mirrors should not be placed in front of the main entrance or near the staircase laws4life .

Having a mirror in the north and west directions will help correct the Vastu Dosh of this direction. Mirrors in the west direction should be square or round, not triangular or circular. These are the most common directions to place a mirror in Vastu. However, the shape of the mirror also plays an important role. For example, mirrors in the north and east zones are considered auspicious while mirrors on west walls should be square or round.

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