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The Vastu Principle of Placement of a Mirror in the Bedroom

The Vastu principle of placement of a mirror in the bedroom suggests that it should be on a wall that does not face the bed. Placement of mirrors in the bedroom should be on the north, east or west walls. If you fashiontrends want to place a mirror in front of the bed, cover it with a cloth to keep it out of sight. It is best to place a mirror inside an almirah or wardrobe.

If you webgain plan to place a mirror in the bedroom, you should not place it in the south east, since it will reflect the fire element. The opposite direction will reflect the negative energy and increase the likelihood of arguments and quarrels. In addition, placing a mirror in the south-east direction will reflect negative energy and cause conflict among members of the house. A mirror facing the east or north-east wall will help to reflect positive energy and will enhance the atmosphere of your visionware bedroom.

Depending on your telelogic preferences, a dressing table in the bedroom can be placed near the bed, preferably in the north direction. Another good choice for a dressing table is on the north or east wall. Placement of the dressing table along the north or east walls will ensure that it does not reflect the bed. The mirror should not be placed so close to the okena bed that it reflects the whole room, but rather the bed itself.

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