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How to Get Your Instagram Post to the Top of the Feed

To make your Instagram post appear higher in the feed, you must understand how Instagram algorithms work and the ways to improve your content. Basically, a high-performing post will be seen by more followers. The more engagement, the higher its position will be in the feed. If your post does not generate enough engagement, it may not be displayed at all. You can buy extra engagement to make your post appear higher in the feed.

Using strategic hashtags and creating conversations are two effective ways to boost your post’s visibility. Use hashtags strategically and think about what your audience would be interested in. Try to incorporate some contests or tag your audience. If your post is funny or interesting, it will be more likely to be seen by more people. Those who post funny posts and jokes often make it to the top of the feed.

You can also consider posting during specific times. Wednesdays are the busiest days for Instagram users, which means that you can use that day to post your posts. Also, try to post in different formats. A good example of this is using video content and turning it into a carousel post. Another way to attract users to your posts is to re-post them in the Stories section of Instagram. Using the right hashtags will boost the chances of your post making it to the top of the feed.

After a few days, you can now start following people in your feed. If your followers do not follow you, your posts are not going to appear. But if you follow them, your posts will appear higher in their feed. But it’s also important to understand how Instagram’s algorithm works. It determines which posts should be shown to users based on how frequently you interact with them.

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