How to Choose Business Casual Trousers

The key to a good pair of business casual trousers is the proper length. The pants should have a professional fit that tapers from the waist to the ankle. The bottom seam of the trousers should be positioned on the top of the foot. They should be fitted at the top and taper to the ankle, if they are too long, they will look sloppy and unprofessional. For a proper length, look for trousers with no visible fly fasteners and a slim fit.

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The cuff style on trousers is inappropriate for business casual. It shows too much leg. You should opt for a single cuff style instead. You can get away with a single cuff if you want to look sophisticated. A single cuff is also safe and is still formal enough. One of the most common mistakes people make when wearing tailored pants is showing too much leg. To avoid this problem, opt for a pair of trousers that are slightly wider than the waist, and one that is slightly heavier than usual.

While choosing a pair of jeans, choose dark or unwashed denim. Dark blue jeans are smarter than distressed versions, but they can look too sensible. In addition to this, go for navy or black jeans for a slightly more rock-n-roll look. Black and navy together look sophisticated and professional. When buying a pair of jeans, you should ensure that they are made from high-quality selvedge denim.


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