Hip Hop Influences Across Genres

The influence of hip hop music on the musical genre is vast and varied. While rap is the most popular form of hip hop, rap music is also influenced by many other genres. Hip hop music has roots in African and Caribbean cultures, but the genre has grown in popularity to include other genres as well. Whether a genre is defined by its dance moves or its music, hip hop influences can be found in any genre. Listed below are some examples of the musical genre’s influence giniloh.

Hip hop has evolved over the last 10 years to incorporate several genres. The music genre has diversified with time, but the core values of hip hop remain the same. The genre is still about personal expression and the struggle to overcome oppression. Ultimately, Hip Hop is about the struggles of the underdog, and will continue to evolve and expand into the future. Regardless of genre, this music will remain a vital part of popular culture and continue to grow in popularity bet6.

Throughout the history of hip hop music, two popular theories of fashion diffusion were introduced and influenced by it. According to the theory of upper class fashion leadership, new styles are first adopted by the upper class, and then are later adopted by the lower classes. This theory explains the early emergence of hip hop fashion during the ’80s and ’90s, when it was targeted primarily to black young adults and poor teens. Whether this theory is correct depends on the origin of the hip hop music genre.

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