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FreeTress 22-Inch Butterfly Locs

A popular hair extension for butterflies is FreeTress’s 22-inch Water Wave Braiding and Crochet Hair. It offers a natural 4c texture and can be used as filler hair to make your locs longer than your own hair. Alternatively, you can braid and wrap your own hair. These locs can be refreshed as often as you wish. You will need approximately seven to eight packs of the FreeTress Water Wave Braiding and Crochet Hair, plus a rat tail comb

To maintain a butterfly loc, wash and condition it every two or three months. Once you have it washed, dry and conditioned, apply shine n jam or other conditioner. Once you’ve done this, use a comb to secure the locs to your hair. These locs will last you up to two months and even longer when you take care of them. If you’re unsure of how to apply shine n jam to your hair, watch this video.

The FreeTress Water Wave Braiding Hair is an excellent choice for long and short wavy locks. Its durability makes it a popular choice for those who want to get the perfect look without the hassle of committing to a long-term commitment. FreeTress Water Wave Braiding Hair is available in 22-inch and 30-inch sizes. You can also purchase a 22-inch Butterfly Loc Hair Kit, which includes a full pack of hair for only a few dollars.

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